ATS – Real Us Google Nav V2.0 (1.37.x)

Real Google Maps voice for navigation using the new FMOD audio structure for 1.37.x versions of ATS. A direct replacement for the unrealistic default gps voices.

For 1.36, you will need to download it here: click_here. This version supports 1.37.x ONLY. They have completely changed the way audio works in ATS in 1.37.x so i learned FMOD, and created this update.

How did i make it?

I started with an empty folder and built everything from scratch using a program i wrote that converts GTTS (google text to speech) into .ogg files. I then took those files through audacity in post and increased the tempo. In FMOD studio, i assigned all events, banks, assets, and GUIDS to the voice samples so ATS could recognize it.

Made for United States players only at this time. – US google maps voice, feet and miles instead of meters and kilometers, etc.

What’s inside?
– Uses phrases like “In a quarter mile..”, “In 100 feet…”, “In 200 feet” instead of “meters”. Just like the real US google maps navigation.
– New and different phrases compared to other voice mods, adding even more realism on the road.
– Added start navigation phrase “Beginning route navigation”, where no phrase was declared with other mods.
– Added phrase “Recalculating…”
– Changed default speed signal indicator to a new hq triple beep sound. To enable, go to options / audio / speed warning / choose “sound” from dropdown.
– Added speed warning indicator phrase “Speed limit exceeded”. To enable this instead, go to options / audio / speed warning / choose “voice” from dropdown.

– Drag the downloaded “Real US Google Nav For ATS v1.37.x” entire folder into your “mod” folder.
– Default location of “mod” folder is: Documents > American Truck Simulator > mod
– Once the file has been placed there, then exit.
– Continue your game. Then configure the mod in your settings. Options / Audio / Voice Navigation.
– Make sure “Enable voice navigation” is checked.
– Under that, choose the voice “English- Google Maps (US)” from the drop down.
– Exit.
– And that’s it! You’re good to go. I hope you are enjoying my mods!

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.37.x)

Authors: madtrucker89

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