ATS – Realistic Weather Mod (1.28.X) Final

Realistic Weather Mod. This climate mod is based on the Improved Weather Mod by SGate but with some added improvements such as:
– Mod adapted to 1.28.x final version of American Truck Simulator – Updated some files (traffic lights, ambient lights, …). – Fixed many bugs from the previous version. Some features of the mod are: – 62 high-resolution sky textures. – 13 types of weather during the day. – 12 types of dawn. – 13 types of sunset. – 14 types of evening. – Several types of night. – No Bloom. – Shadows of clouds. – Realistic colors. – Variable weather. – New traffic lights. This mod is compatible with all map. This mod has been tested on version of American Truck Simulator without more mods and doesn´t cause any error. Recommendations: – Enable HDR. – Enable color correction. – This mod must be in first position in the list of active mods.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.28.X

Authors: BlackStorm

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