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Bartoland Map V2.2 ETS2 1.40

The new version of Bartoland is available, with its new decors, landscapes and original areas, such as the 1000 cows plateau or Morlock, it brings:
– 11 additional towns or villages
Skyfall, Bondes, Chorelle, Marchaux, Allainville, Morlock, Le plateau des 1000 vaches, Kattegat, Gouzzi, Breva, Topatoes, or 38 in total
– 136 km more roads and paths, 466 km total
– 50 enterprises of all kinds, or 180 in all
– a 60 km expressway which runs around the present area,
– in addition to what existed: 7 garages, 2 ferries, 4 stations, bus stops… etc.
Companies have been added to existing cities,
Thanks to donations from donors (thanks to them), cities and companies were added to their names.
I’ve added AI traffic in almost every company, which will make deliveries more interesting…
Some bugs and defects have been fixed.
Bartoland is a scale 1 map, it is stanalone.
You can add all kinds of mods (traffic, light, weather, trailers, etc…) BUT NO other maps… otherwise crash…
It is compatible with ETS2 1.39 and 1.40

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: Mac Adame

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