Better Raindrops V1.7 ATS (1.48)

American Truck Simulator Better Raindrops V1.7 mod download.

– Fixed missing texture for splash trails particles in ATS 1.48
– Reduced size of raindrops particles
– Tweaked raindrops particles behavior
– Slightly increased wipers sound volume
– Fixes in Truck Addon for ATS SCS trucks
– Tweaked truck cabin sound equalizer for Engine sound mega pack compatibility fix

Key features:
– Add new texture and significantly increase number of raindrops.
– Improved physical behaviour of particles, now their spawn will be more affected by truck position relatively to rain inclination.
It makes a huge difference and vastly improve perception of weather! Just try it yourself!
– Reworked sound effects for wipers and rain
– New car splash trails
– Detailed description of config parameters in defvehicleinterior_glass_config.sii in case you want to play around with the settings yourself

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.48

Authors: Avelium

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