Cat 1693 Ta ATS (1.41)

American Truck Simulator Cat 1693 TA mod download.

1.39 & 1.40 & 1.41 CAT 1693 TA

#Coming soon Johnny Cash Engine pack

An old school CAT engine.
You have 2 options either run with a Jake Break or a “CAT brake-saver” which is what these engines used to have.
the jake has been added for games sake.

8 engine choices 325hp,380hp,425hp,and 500hp. Each with either a Jake or the brake saver.

Personally the brake saver kinda of grows on after driving with it for a while and its kind of unique.

Big Shoutouts and credits to vsTerminus on this one. he deserves most of the credit here. He provide me with all the engine defs, torque curves, and most of the sounds used where from his old 1693 mod. Cannot thank you enough.

We did adjust the torque curves a bit to make them work really well in game with auto shift points and low end take off torque. the sound was edited extensively getting it into fmod to make it all work, But the original samples were awesome.

Huge Shout outs to LarryA & Easy_stevey for the hours & days of back and forth, to and fro, editing that happened to get this mod right. Those two are a wealth of knowledge when in comes to old school trucks and how they should behave.Legends.

Bit of history about the CAT 1693 from LarryA

I loved this engine very much, based on my failing memory of the old days. The 1673 & 1673 B Model Cat, were added to semi tractors(trucks) around 1962 approx. The 1673 has a single cam sets above the crankshaft so it is not an overhead cam engine. Then the 1673 had a kid, and the 1674 T.A. was born. The first CAT dual overhead cam engine. More powerful than its mum and could be safely tuned to around 300hp. Famously featured in a 1964’ Peterbilt 351 in the movie “Dual”. From the same family the baby sister emerged the 1693.T 325 HP and 1693.T.A. 425 HP. They ended up in a Peterbilt 359 in 1972.The 1693 required lots of coolant to keep a smile on her face. The 359 could support the bigger radiator to keep her cool. CAT develop the very first “CAT Brake Saver” (technical term). It used the engine to help you slow down. It is bolted to the end of the block and operates of engine oil pressure. Bumping the 1693 T.A above 500hp could result in serious engine damage when it was in a truck. The sweet spot for her is between 1725 – 1800 RPM.The 1693 T. & T.A. if operated properly would run 1 million miles plus. Please make the 1693 T & T.A. sing and dance. Please put a big smile on her face. She will walk the walk and talk the talk if she is cared for. Thank You.

Enjoy !!

Again old school engine so old school trucks.
Compatible with over 30 trucks. (its enough, you can add your own trucks, plenty of tutorial vids out there)
you can also make bigger HP engines yourself, plenty of youtube vids on it
SCS- Peterbilt 389, Kenworth W900
RTA mods – Kenworth 108, Peterbilt 359, Mack Ultraliner, Kenworth T908
Rudas – Kighway killer, Pete and XL
Kishadowalker – Dodge,Mack F700 diamond Rio, 9300
Pingas – Kenworth and Peterbilt
Anonymous – 1973 Pete 353, 1975 Freightliner FLC, Ford LTL
Cyrus- Mack RD, Mack Ultraliner, Pete 352
1973 Mack R by Cattruck
Jessmods classic XL
Bsa Classic XL
Big daddy W900a
GTM w900b, T800
Richo’s Kenworth W900L
Harvens Mack Rd and freightliner
Vipers Peterbilt
Lucassi International
XBS Freighliner FLC
Mr Overfloaters K100E
HFG Project 3XX

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.41

Authors: Johnny_Cash

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