Desert Truck Map ATS (1.46)

American Truck Simulator Desert Truck Map mod download.

Have you ever felt that ATS is not boring enough? Would you like to return to the good old days of Desert Bus?

Well, don’t worry anymore! Presenting Desert Truck Map-eat on a scale of 1: 1 580-kilometer (360) route through the desert from Tuson to Las Vegas. Surprise the endless emptiness of Arizona and Nevada during about 5.5-hour (in real time) travel along an absolutely flat and almost direct road. Unlike Desert Bus, your truck is well controlled, but there are many small turns on the road that require constant adjustment of the steering, so do not worry, cruise control will not save you from pain.

Is there anything on this huge map? Can there be any hidden Easter eggs? Probably not, but you will have to drive the entire route to find out!

Standalone map
Scale 1: 1
You must have DLC Oregon, DLC Washington, DLC IDAHO

Launch: create a new profile and select the Desert.mbd module

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.46

Authors: DOWL

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