Detroit Diesel 92 Series V1 ATS 1.39

For 1.39+
I bring to you another 2 stroke classic Detroit screamer. As with all my mods, the sounds are set for a full surround system in mind, 4.1 surround or better, and most likely will NOT sound correct with headphones. I have also adjusted levels based on the pic above, as well as being in cab, and not from 3rd person. My goal was to give an immersive experience with the sound from a drivers POV. Hopefully you feel I have achieved this. Also as the number of sounds increase, some modders have been having issues with sounds cutting out, or dropping. This is not the case with my mods. I have tested all my mods with multiple sound packs from Cipinho, along with train addon, weather addon, Boeing73Fly’s immersion sound packs and the sound fix pack, with zero issues of sound cuts.
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About the mod:
This pack adds 3 engines to the game, the 6v92T, 8v92T and the the 12v92T. Power ranges from 322 to 665 hp, and from 890 to 1879 tq. Power band is roughly 1300 rpm and up, but will fall off around 2500. So don’t be afraid to rev the crap out of it.

Works on the following trucks:
All SCS trucks
Autocar AT/DC
Mack F700 by KSW
Freightliner FLB by harven
Freightliner FLC by XBS
Kenworth k100e by O.F.
Kenworth w900a by 4k
Kenworth w900b by GTM
Mack RS by Harven
Peterbilt 359 by RTA
Peterbilt 389 by Viper
Peterbilt 3xx by HFG(Guidot)
Peterbilt 567 by GTM
Scot A2HD by Smarty

Other trucks can be added if freely available. I Cannot add to a paid truck I do not own.

Supported game versions: ATS – (1.39.x)

Authors: Serialblack

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