ETS 2 – Roofbar Add-On for Renault Premium V1.3 (1.28.X)

Roofbar Add-On for Renault Premium Mod. Chrome/paint variant. 10 Main slots for lamps/horns etc. 7 Slots for marker lights. 4 Extra slots for cabin mounted air horns/beacons. (both cabins) 0/2/4 Visible brackets variant on top part of the bar. (16 total) Supported trucks: SCS Renault Premium and other mods replacing the default model. Version 1.0 Changelog: intial release. Version 1.01 Changelog: Minor tweaks on steel variant; all variants now use chrome mounting brackets. Version 1.1 Changelog: Reduced number of models to 3; added variants to existing models to reduce mod size; added new slots. Version 1.2 Changelog: Full remake of the 3d model; steel variant removed; new variants for chrome/paint.

Supported game versions: ETS 2 – 1.28.X

Authors: obelihnio

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