ETS 2 – Sibir Map V0.3.0 (1.30.X)

Sibir Map Mod.

What is planned in the full version:

Recognizable landscapes in West Siberia (steppe, forest-steppe, taiga)
Cities and large towns;
Detailed study areas (according panoramas and satellite images);
Zoomed in on a card I do a long trip and display of relevant details;
Rounds of cities, Federal highways and local roads;
Custom objects for maps.
The project is free.
Updated v0.3.0:

– Added road P-402 from the Parking lot at Ermak to Krutinka (100 real miles). Which means that the length of roads on the map Siberia has doubled.
– Added about 150 (!) brand new and unique objects, created specifically for the map Siberia (Stella, at home, cafes). Many thanks to the author of the models Denlog’.
– Added towns: Bekisheva, Robin (without the base), Tyukalinsk, Krutinka.
– Added dealerships: Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf. Now, together with Iveco and Reno is on the map 6 of car dealerships of 7.
– Changed values of regional speed limits.
– Another fix has been the economy. A complete replacement of the default firms on custom, such as a Magnet, Baikal Service, etc., including regional. For companies designed trailers and in some places, the objects for the database. Pay attention that the goods have not yet fine-tuned, may get lucky with the maslokombinat a truck with electronics or frozen beets. At the moment, the economic component of the game is under development and will change over time.
– Fixed a lot of bugs, substitutions of objects to reduce the redness of the log. Fixed bugs such as the error with the number of trucks (just buy a new tractor), or a problem with the lack of goods on the bases. Fixed friezes near Omsk and parked in the Robin. A lot of bugs added or remain from the past versions, the author does what he can.

Supported game versions: ETS 2 – 1.30.X

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4
Download Trailer
Download Physics
Download Economy

Author(s): 10AVOID, DENLOG

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