ETS 2 – Traffic Pack (1.30.X)

Traffic Pack Mod.

Challenge Traffic by GAARAA shows the realistic behaviour of different driver types, there are good, normal and bad (many of them).
Road accidents dont happen only when its your fault, other vehicles (ai vehicles) can also cause accidents and thats the Challenge and Fun in this mod.
The traffic is most alive in this mod, and it is a challenge to complete any long/heavy/small roads delivery within time, without any damage and most importantly without any
traffic offences.
This mod also contains vehicles breaking down in the middle of the road to make it more difficult to finish your delivery in time, also you may find some vehicles faced in
wrong direction to the lane.
Ai vehicles also bump into you if you are not within the speed limits, so if you drive on the right edge of the lane you might be saved from damage and most importantly from
traffic offences.
Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you and try to drive carefully, as the many bad ones might bump into you on small roads and also on highways.
Might have to wait for the traffic to clear up if there’s an accident otherwise reload to earlier saves.(have to give-up something to be crazy realistic)
This mod provides the traffic with its unique challenge and its no more a friendly traffic pattern.
Traffic Pack by GAARAA contains realistic and unique traffic mod. The traffic has its own personality.
There is also a bonus Challenge mod, try to complete the challenge its a fun mod.
Use any one of the mods as per your choice, both cannot be used at the same time.

Supported game versions: ETS 2 – 1.30.X

Authors: GAARAA

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