ETS2 – Ai Traffic Mod: Ai Traffic Trailer Pack 1.32

This mod includes:
– Add all avaiable Trailer`s into Traffic including DLC Trailers
– Event trailers including ec: Krone and Chisrtmas trailer
– D.B Creation + Racing parts Cargo to deliver

For these Mods i added 2 Versions of the Trailer Pack.

1. For all Trucker who have this DLC’s (DLC Mod)
– For DLC User : High Power Crago Pack, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Schwarzmüller,
DLC Viva la France, DLC Italia and DLC Heavy Crago Pack

2. And for all User who dont have these DLCs (NO-DLC)
Now 960 different Trailer types in Traffic and all are SCS standard Trailers!

Authors: D.B Creation

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