ETS2 – Arayas Supertraffic Extreme V1.2 (1.30.x)

Arayas Supertraffic Extreme mod for ETS2.

You like traffic jams? The EXTREME edition it’s for you.

*put above any map mod file
Diversified AI traffic based on the important hours of the day and by the type of the road.

and you will understand why you dont need 3 versions of this mod, like low, normal and traffic jam.
You can adjust that on your own.

OPEN Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\config.cfg with notepad or other text editor and look for
the line

uset g_traffic “X” where X is from 1-10. if you dont have that line just add it!

This is the best way to increse the value for your traffic in the game without any mod. You dont need a mod for that!
1 is the lowest value and the traffic is very sparse.
10 is the maximum and this is the way to get your beloved traffic jams (seen in my videos from AI Superlights mod)

My mod doesnt interfere with this value, my mod simply realocate existing  density by the hour of the day, type of road and type of the vehicle.

Authors: Arayas

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