ETS2 – [Crash Fixed] G7 Paradise 1800Dd Pack (6X2 & 8X4) V1.2 (1.35.x)

Hear me out first!
This bus has originally been used DX9 when creating materials or so on!
That is why it creates problem in DX11. I am just a 3D Modeler and a map maker. I do not know how convert models in SCS format. That is little too different. That is why I cant fix this.
Please if anyone knows how to fix this . Please go on and Try !
Or fall back to DX9..

in case: if you wanna fall back to DX9,go document – Euro Truck Simulator 2 – then open “config.cfg” file with notepad or other c++ notepad software and then find – uset r_device “dx11” – Change it to uset r_device “dx9” .. You will be able to enjoy this bus with texture.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: Mod Shop

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