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ETS2 – Daf Evo Wing (1.35.x)


That version of daf for 1.34,1.35 is verified, in this version I changed the rear lights so that they shone only backwards
and not like in the
previous version 1.32 lights illuminated and forward,
I also added a 9-speed gearbox so that daf could drive more 200 km / h when the engine will go to 1000 hp,
changed the beep and made
it so that it could change the color you want, like everything to get the mod unpack the archive there are two files
of the mod itself and a fix for it,
put the fix above fashion

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Author(s): funyash

ETS2 – Daf Evo Wing (1.35.x) Download File


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