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ETS2 – Full Unlock Steam Inventory V1.0 (1.36.x)

This mod completely unlocks all steam inventory.

Desktop background theme:
Magic time,
First class,
Northern lights,
Under the bridge,
On top of the world.

Cabin accessory:
Heart of Paris, Xmas Ball, Plush Bear, Polar Beast, Snowman Trucker, Crystal Dimension,
Viking Warrior,Pace Pete, Brandenburg Gate, Golden Stag, Shepherd Bobblehead, Gingerbread House,
Xmas Tree, Timber Tree, Craftsman Tree, Silver Tree, Golden Tree, Magical Spiral, Platinum Tree,
Festive Tree, Epic Tree, Legendary Tree, ETRC Mug, ETRC Cap, Adam Lacko Buggyra Model 1:50,
Jochen Hahn Iveco Model 1:50, Norbert Kiss Mercedes Model 1:50, Goodyear Blimp, Boxing Gloves, Winning Dice

Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia,
France, France – Gold Pennant, Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden – Gold Pennant, Sweden – Three Crowns Pennant,
Goodyear, Krone, ETRC, Germany – Gold Pennant.

Paint job:
Slipstream (Truck) ,
Starlight Burst (Truck/Trailer),
Pit Stop(Truck) ,
Crystal Dimension (Truck).

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

Authors: Vahmurka

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