ETS2- Greece: Piraeus Megara at Real Life Scale V1.0 (1.30.x)

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Stand-alone map for ETS2 v1.30
Part I of a greek map that models the major Motorway E94 Athens-Korinthos from Piraeus to Megara at real life scale 1:1.
It’s meant for ETS2 truckers who like and enjoy real-life driving.
Please before proceeding be sure to read the included readme file for info and instructions.

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  1. Fellow ETS2 Truckers Hi,
    Click this link
    to download an updated version (1st fix) of my Piraeus-Megara 1:1 map which
    takes care of rather serious visual faults (such as visual gaps, elevated objects, incorrectly placed crash barriers etc) that could cause distraction during driving and spoil the experience.
    Hopefully the remaining faults are not too serious so that they can be taken care of in the next major release which will also extend the map to Korinthos.
    Happy driving

  2. Following the above linked nice video-truck-driving, I had to correct a few more things, like the wrongly placed bus the driver came across at the end of the delivery, a critical error I discovered and more visual errors.
    Please download the following file, unzip it and replace the original “Pir_Kor.scs” with the new one:
    Please check back regularly the comments area for updates/fixes.

    best regards

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