ETS2 – Hilalimsin Save V2 Red Headlight – V8 Engine Sound Multiplayer 1.30.x

Hilalimsin Save V2 Red HeadLight – V8 Engine sound multiplayer – Ets 2

Vehicles have red headlight and v8 sound air horn and normal horn
you can also use multiplayer
Head light color and car engine sound only you hear on mp
any admin can not ban you
save is done with care and without leaving the Truckermp rules.

v8 sound horn red lights what do you need to do to activate
Put the file named Mod1 to ETS 2 Mod file, watch the video carefully and do it.
Documentation> ets2> mod1 file
1 – mod folder
2 – mod1 folder
you must not be in the same place
I can show you on the videoday you can do it from there
If the red headlight sometimes fails to appear, change it

The dlc that should be in order for the modification to look full

Scania Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Special transport
Daf tunning pack
Scania Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Halloween Paint Jobs Pack
Cabin Accessories
Christmas Paint Jobs Pack
Pirate Paint Jobs Pack
Raven dlc
michelin dlc

1- Carefully modified new scania
2 – supermen old scania
3 – Modified new and old daf
4 – Flat volvo
5 – map dlc you Save file anyone can use
730 hp 6 Transmission
Level : 103
money : 450.000.000 euro

Authors: Hilalimsin

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