ETS2 – Junction Overhaul 1.24 For Promods 2.45 (1.36.x)

Changelog: v1.24
– Compatibility Promods 2.45
– 2 New junctions in Budapest
– Rebuild M5 Szeged-Budapest
– Bugfixes

Changelog: v1.23
– Made a compatibility version for Poland Rebuilding 2.4.1. In this version I merged Poland Rebuilding with the newer junctions from Promods and my Junction overhaul mod

Changelog: v1.22
– Bugfixes in Sweden and Poland

Changelog: v1.2
– Compatibility Promods 2.43

Changelog: v1.1
– Compatibility Promods 2.42
– 2 New junctions in Poland
– Bugfixes

This mod replaces some of the old SCS junctions that are not being touched by Promods or SCS on the most important transit routes. Why? Many of the important North-South or East-West routes are pretty nice, but do contain one or more very old part, ruining the immersion, at least to me. Since Promods and SCS are working on other area’s I didn’t want to wait any longer and tried the editor for myself. What I did was using Promods or SCS newer junctions to replace those old junctions, so all credits goes to Promods and SCS.

When Promods or SCS will rebuild this areas I will, of course, remove those sectors from the mod as my work is not according to real life, it\’s just more descent then it is now.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

Authors: Devilagent

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