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ETS2 – Kenworth T408 Sar V2.2 + Dx11 (1.35.x)

Changelog in v2.2:
– Alternative Edition KW 408.
– The truck model is divided into the cab and chassis. This eliminates the file size error.
– Fixed a bug in lighting one rear bumper, which caused an FPS drawdown.
– Added rear bumper for America.
– Fixed some bugs in the rear bumper models.
– Added cab bottom. And then when viewed from the back there was a hole.
– Removed debris from the cabin. Sorry, but I hate hanging junk.
– The author changed the mod – Caleb_Crow. Thank You!!
– Log clean 99.9 (%) percent!

– Standalone. Dealer Kenworth
– One cabin
– One chassis
– Your interior 3 types
– Your wheels
– Your tuning
– Your sounds

Changelog in v2.1:
Updated for version ETS2: 1.35.xx
Good afternoon.
Fixed bugs in fashion.
Removed debris from other models.
Fixed collision model.
Fixed lighting – front turn signals, headlights on some bumpers (textures were damaged).
Fixed shadow model.
Fixed bug with painting rear fenders (DX11).
Animations in the external brushes.
Fixed some hinged parts (bumpers and mud flaps).
Added animation of the front mudguard.
Added DLC SCI Steering wheels from ATS.
Added support animation cables.
Added 7 new skins.
Added official template T408 for skins.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: AUTHOR: RTA, CAM_Mods, TSA. Adapted mod for ETS2 - No_FakeR^-^.

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