ETS2 – Mack Superliner 1.31.x

With cables, And smoke from exhaust pipes

Buy from the dealer: Iveco.
It has real engines, transmissions, sound.
Registered in the gallery and in the orders of agencies.
Own tuning.

The location of the mods is shown in the screenshot.

Authors: Authors: RTA-MODS
-3D-model: Virat, SCS
-Shape, help with animation, baking, etc: Smith
-Improving the external and internal model. Modeling: Mihail Verhovodov: (Fire-Blade)
-Transformation and configuration: SS
-Conversion and tuning: Mihail Verhovodov (NN-Mihail)
-Sounds, engines and transmissions, beta testing: kriechbaum
-Testing and Technical Support:
Pauly, Evelin Sophie, Mick Brown, Tracy N Nathan Anderson
-Beta testing: PAPPY 11, Imperator3
-Small change: losevo58

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