ETS2 – Man Euro 6 Truck V1.2 (1.36.x)

Add Engine: Dattinamossa
Power 500
Power 600
Power 700

Special thanks to: Echedevofa (Craig) for testing and def fixes

“The MAN TGS is characterised by its excellent performance in national and close-to-the-border long-haul transport, as well as in heavy-duty short-haul and building site traffic.”

What do you get?
-A great looking MAN TGS Euro 6
-Three tipes of cab M / L / LX
-Five chassis type 4×2 / 6×2 (midlift) / 6×2(taglift) / 6×4 / 8×4-4
-Two types of bumper Road / Heavy
-Plastic bumpers available for both setups
-Cab Accesorries DLC compatible
-National Flag DLC compatible
-And a lot of addons 🙂

Features [green]v1.2[normal]:
-Compatible with v1.34
-Differential lock animation
-Cruise control indicator
-Ambient red light
-New fueltanks
-New front plates

Stuff added by [blue]Mydatty[normal] for [green]v1.2[normal]:
– DX11 compatibility
– Compatible with v1.36
– Cable support
– Paintable sunshield
– XLion skin and sunshield
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

Authors: modify for version 1.36 Echedevofa & My Datty

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