ETS2 – Man Lions Coach Cc And Cl 2020 V2.5 (1.38.x)

Man Lion’s Coach 2020 Innovation!

WARNING: You can set the lights on the keyboard to turn on the Inner Ceiling Warning Light.

What’s Added?

*Euro 6 Logo Added
*Steering Wheel Mani logo Smooth Smooth.
*External Display Has Been Renewed.
*My Eyeshadow Brightness Correction
*New Alcao has been Renewed.
*Interior Ceiling Light Added.
*Driving Pleasure Increased With New Physics.
*Opening 2 Independent Doors.
*Door Button Animation Added.
*Re-Sounds Designed with Fmod Feature.
*Added Normals Cover for headlights and seats.
*Tachograph and Clock Really Added.
*Led Signboard Text Added.
*New Skins Added.
*Slot Feature Has Been Updated.
*Interior Cockpit Red Lights Added
*Mirrored and Non-Mirror Really Added.
*Front Bumper Black and Headlight Reflection Correction.
*Passengers Added
*Headlight Chrome Added.
*New Signal and Following Distance Model Added.
*Standard Rearview Added.
*Sound Settings Have Been Restored.
*Engine Sound Has Been Renewed.
*Glass Brightness Improved.
*Seat Cover and Wood Option Added.
*Corridor Carpet Added.
*Windshield Wipers Solved.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.38.x)

Authors: Comodore(alperen39)

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