ETS2 – Mb Actros Mp2 Black Edition (1.39.x)

Changes v1.2 from 31.12.20
Some more fixes:
added retarder animation in interior
added 1800* steering wheel support (instructions at first post)
some other fixes
I added the new seats

Instructions for 1800* steering wheel:
Go to: /def/vehicle/truck/mercedes.actros_mp2/interior/animations.sui and change these lines:

#wheel_anim: “/vehicle/truck/actros_1861/interior/swheel_1800.pma”
wheel_anim: “/vehicle/truck/actros_1861/interior/swheel.pma”

change it to:
wheel_anim: “/vehicle/truck/actros_1861/interior/swheel_1800.pma”
#wheel_anim: “/vehicle/truck/actros_1861/interior/swheel.pma”

Changes v1.2
– added air conditioner
– added bed
– added fire extinguisher
– reworked mercedes emblem
– fixed dashboard
– added lightbar
– reworked showroom icons
– added dlc flags
– reworked skin-template

Changes v1.1 from 27.11.20
Fixed sounds of windows opening

Changes v1.1
– updated to game version 1.39
– Changed rear-fender color to black
– added green interior light
– Fixed dashboard textures
– fixed shadow
– fixed invisible mesh
– added hs-schoch bullbar
– fixed ao baked textures
– added hs-schoch skin
– cleaned automat files
– added lightbox
– added front mudflaps
– added ambient interior light

The dream of every driver: the Actros BlackEdition 1861. In 2004, Mercedes-Benz brought this limited edition of 250 trucks onto the European market, with 100 of those being delivered in Germany.
A single glance is enough and it is immediately clear to any observer even today: this truck is pure power. But, it’s not only the strength of the Actros which is captivating, the comfortable MegaSpace cab with the distinctive star on the two-section radiator grille is particularly impressive.
Shining chrome, the polished Alcoa wheel rims shimmer in the light and the words “BlackEdition” are resplendent in silver writing on black paint above the windscreen.

Put the Mercedes-Benz-Actros-MP2-Black-Edition-by-Dotec.scs file in the mod folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2
If you owned the DLC Toys and DLC Actros put both files in the mod folder too

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Model Dotec
Convertion: Dotec

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