ETS2 – Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great V1.45 1.30.x

Original Model was created and Licensed by Koutsu.(Non-Commercial Purpose only)
Thank you for his 1year-over hardworking and Crowd Funding Supporters!

Beta1.4 update
– AdBlue consumption parameter
– New Tires and Wheels.
BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA M801 295/80&275/80
FUSO Original Hub(Front and Rear)

Beta1.41 update
– Fix Door Visor position of interior.
– M801 Rear Tire got compatible for Default wheels.
– M801 275/80 size changed.
– Few wheel parts can not equip with default`s.
– Custom parts Icon added.(Chassis,Engine,Transmission,Paint job,Interior)

Beta1.42 update
– M801 Rear Shadow Fix
– Wheels Icon add
– Front Lamp reworked
– Rear Lamp UV adjusted
– Engine definition changed

Beta1.43 update
– M801 Rear fixed
– Side glass flip face fixed
– Few Interior parts reworked and fixed
– External view Interior reworked. add High-roof Interior
– UI Shadow fixed

Beta1.44 update
– additional Accessory Slot
– Accessory Icon added
– few material adjusted

Beta1.45 update
– disappeared steering wheel of high-roof problem fix
– more accessory icon added

Authors: Koutsu

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