ETS2 – Physics Rework 8.3C (1.39.x)

Cabin sway bar factor increased from 0.3 to 0.4 (slightly more stable)
New recommended settings (truck stability increased to default 0.5)

For v1.39
Recommended settings (can be changed in console or in config files):
g_cam_physics_value “1.0” (DEFAULT)
g_cam_physics “1” (DEFAULT)

g_cabin_suspension_stiffness “1.3” (see ATTENTION below!)
g_suspension_stiffness “0.3”
g_trailer_stability “0.5” (DEFAULT)
g_truck_stability “0.5” (DEFAULT)

g_brake_intensity “1.0” (DEFAULT)

residual_travel[] in chassis defs: 0.10 and 0.088 (DEFAULT)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: knox_xss

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