ETS2 – Promods Support Add-On For Realistic Graphics V1.8 (1.33.x)

This addon makes Promods Map compatible with Realistic Graphics Mod.

You need to do this order in the Mod Manager to use the mod with Promods.
1-(top row) Promods Support Addon
2- Realistic Graphics Mod
3- Promods Definition Pack
4- Promods Map Pack
5- Promods Media Pack
6- Promods Model 3 Pack
7- Promods Model 2 Pack
8- Promods Model 1 Pack
9- Promods Assets Pack

Required Game & Mod Versions

ETS 2: 1.33.x
Realistic Graphics Mod: 2.4.x
Promods: 2.32.x

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: Frkn64

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