ETS2 – Regional Map Project: Heilbronn V1.0.6 (1.33.x)

The map contains:
– A6 : from Sinsheim/Steinsfurt to Kupferzell
– A81: from Möckmühl to Ilsfeld
– Kreuz Weinsberg (exact rebuild)
– B27 from Lauffen am Neckar to Heilbronn including the \”Neckartalstrasse\”
– B293 from Böckingen to Schwaigern
– Weinsberger Tal
– a few tight places to maneuver your truck through
– a lot of custom signs

***Things you shound know***
-Standalone map!
– Traffic mod isn\’t included anymore!
To change the traffic density use the console command \”g_traffic\” command (0.1 – 10)
-Please report bugs if you find some

**DLC´s required**
– Going East
– Scandinavia
– France
– Italy
– Baltic DLC NOT needed in V.1.0.6

– all possible roads and prefabs changed to scs\’s new germany roads (better looking and better traffic flow)
– Traffic mod now included (Thanks to RudiRaser)
– reworked several parts of the map
– HN Neckargartach area reworked (companies)
– parts of the Neckartalstrasse reworked
– added Heilbronn-Süd with a new road through the city to Untergruppenbach
– 4 missing restplaces added
– all restplaces reworked
– Bretzfeld reworked
– new Autobahn driveway/exit in Öhringen and Bretzfeld
– some areas of the A6 and A81 reworked and added new roadworks (like in rl)
– small changes at Kreuz Weinsberg
– added details in the industrial zone of Neuenstadt
– parts of Neuenstadt reworked
– a lot of bugs fixed
– there\’s more….but i don\’t remember

– fld (Models&Prefabs)
– Bluetruck (Models)
– 50k (Lidl – Models)
– zeppelin3 (Models-traffic signs)
– walshy70 (Models)
– RudiRaser (Traffic mod)
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: Map creator: Klauzzy

- fld (Models&Prefabs;)
- Bluetruck (Models)
- 50k (Lidl - Models)
- zeppelin3 (Models-traffic signs)
- walshy70 (Models)
- RudiRaser (Traffic mod)

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