ETS2 – Renault T Light Improvements / Lowered Chassis V1.4 (1.36.x)

It adds Roof Slots, Bumper Slots, Rear Fender Slots, Extended Sunshields, and diffrent Bars. Works on both cabins.
I didnt like the vanilla height, i just like it low and this extra mod lowers them all. Its not needed just a optional mod.

Changelog v.1.4:
Advanced coupling got fixed
Rearfenders got fixed
Sepperated Chassis
Remade materials of all painted parts from my mod.

New in v1.4:
Renault Aero Parts (Front/Sideskirts 4×2 only)
Dirt deflectors (Side reflector slot)
Window deflectors (Sidemirror slot)
Sunshields standard extended black
White Roofmarkers
Custom Sideskirts 4×2 6×2/4 6×24
4×2 Square sidebar whit orange lights
New custom sunshield
2 Lightboxes as accessory
French & German plate
Removeable sidereflector
Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20)
Painted Rearfenders/Covers all varaints added (Thanks to Sogard3)
Staircase slot for front fenders also in paint (Thanks again to Sogard3)
Added curtain in exterior view

Changelog Light Improvements v1.2
Spoiler Slots
Rearplate at the spoiler for custom lights
Number plate as a accessory
Double Rearlights for 4×2
Spoiler for small cabin
Slots for Lollipops (Choose the Windowframe for them)
Intake Slots Grill
180° rotated slots on right side to support all sidemarkers.
Hookup edits for the accessory mods shown above
Custom Skin

Changelog Lowered Chassis v1.1:
Adjusted hook point fenders wont hit the trailer anymore.
Reworked Slots/Roof/Bumper
Added FH4 Lip Paint/Plastic
Added 2 RoofBars Paint/Black/Silver
Added BottomBars Paint/Black/Silver
Added FrontBars Paint/Black/Silver
Added SideBars Paint/Black/Silver
Added Ui Icons
Added suitable rear fender string for Sogard3’s LD Chassis

Renault T Range truck download
Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.36.x

Authors: Gloover

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