ETS2 – Rotterdam Brussel Highway + Calais Duisburg Road Interchange V2.3 (1.35.x)

This mod removes old ugly intersection at Rotterdam Brussel A1 Highway with Calais Duisburg road junction and it places hand made, brand new and better intersection. This map mod is not dependent on any map DLCs. It can be played with NO DLCs or with every DLCs. This mod is not compatible with ProMods map and any other map mods that require ProMods to play with and any map mods that changes Belgium sectors.

– ETS2 1.35 Support
– DX11 Support
– Fixed “flagposts in middle of road” bug at NL-BG border (the reason was DX11)
– Improved lampposts and night lighting
– Under terrain bug has been fixed which improves performance
– Tiny other updates that no one would ever notice
– Added personal Easter Egg

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: EG0611, SCS

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