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ETS2 – Rusty Bdf Tandem Skin V2.0 1.31.x

Hello there.
It has been a while since my last upload but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working (a little bit at a time as time allows me). So enough babling and let me present you my new rusty tandem pack. In the first days of the mod it was rusty (REALLY rusty) but I had to change that because it had way to many impossible adjustmens and now it is less rusty and more scratched and used. As skin proprieties nothing to mention as it follows Flemming V’s mod with minor enrichments for the cistern trailer(so more cistern trailers appear in the job market). And for a final comment I see that there are plenty people hwo don’t know how to install the main mod so from now on in every tandem mod I upload the last shots will be step by step installation (as images will explain more and I am pretty lame on creating guides).
And as always subscribe, enjoy and rate and if you want to help or thank or just buy mee a coffee you can do it by donating here

Separated the textures between tanker, coolliner, container (these contain a more realistic rusty texture now) and the profiliner and universal trailers (these got a fabric texture so it feels more realistic)

Authors: Flemming. V. tyb33rk (aka Vandall RTR)

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