ETS2 – Scania 112 V1.31

Scania 112HW (E), and 142HW (E) to 1.31.x
Includes chassis [4×2 (normal, lowered), 6×2 (normal, lowered), 6×4 (normal, lowered, high [E]), 6×6 (high [E]), 8×4
Normal cabin and topline
360-450 Motors (112,142)
Transmissions (8,9,12,10,16 speeds)
Independent interior (white, black) independent sound
Flywheels (series 2 and 3 series) (white, black)
Miscellaneous accessories (tanks, exhausts, fender, oversize kit [E], etc.)
Tires and Rims
Interior retexturized, completely remodeled, added new animations, new indicators.
Plastic and chrome fender attachments
Added alternate UV, now reduced template can be used.
Fixed collisions, added compatibility with advanced trailer hitch
New chassis paint
Added tanks options for the 6×4 e.
Fixed various structure errors
Corrected texturing of tires.
Updated to 1.31.x
Tall chassis may have problems with certain trailers when using the advanced trailer hitch
Due to changes in the structure, one or more missing accessory errors may occur. To correct the sale of the truck and buy again; Or do the following:
-Activate the game console
-Type the following code: g_remove_missing_accessories 1
– Manually load the last “autoguarded” activated the box to show autoguardados, being very careful when loading can lose progress if you do not load the correct file, it would be more advisable to save the game manually and reload.
– After typing g_remove_missing_accessories 0 on the console if desired.
-The error should disappear, after that buy the missing accessories.
The rudder may appear out of date to correct resetting the camera.
Includes skinear template and reduced alternating template.
Does not work in previous versions

Authors: Original model Alam Alves Ferreira, Wagner, Tonho Previous arrangements: Matias Juan Laghezza Tires: Ventyres 5-point rims: Lexan Sound-112: tincho Towers and 8×4 kit: RJL Credits of the sound v8: Bennekeben Edition and arrangements: mjtemdark

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