ETS2 – Scania Nextgen Real V8 Sound V9.0 (1.36.x)

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Competible 1.35-1.36
Hi guys this mod changes scs nextgen scania r and s v8 sound
this mod changes what?
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 start sound stop sound etc….
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 retarder sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 turbo sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 engine brake sound.
-Pneumatic gear air sound added.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 opticruıse transmission sounds.
-And ı change headlight color xenon this mod tho.
-New horn sounds added engine brake sound adjusted.
-New interior sounds added.
-İnterior engine sound is more higher now THX VADER FOR ADVİCE.
-Start sound change.
-New air brake sound.
-Engine brake sound adjusted.
-Updated 1.36.
-Gear shift sound changed(int and ext).
-interior sounds adjusted.
-Engine sounds adjusted.
-Gear sound changed.
-R series have more interior sound than s series like real life.
-İnterior engine block sound added.
-interior ventil sound added.
-New exterior engine loaded sound added.
ıf you love this mod and wanna support me you can premıum download
in share mods

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

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