ETS2 – Scania R G P By Fred V0.4 1.28.x-1.30.x

Hey Guys so here is an updated Description of what i’m doing.

First of all i want to say – it’s still RJL Mod, but just the “Structure” will stay.
What does it consist?
* Every Part renewed
* Every Part retextured
* Scania R, G and P Cab

Do we get all together or Partly?
* first comes Topline RCAB with all Parts and Accessory to have a Base

Do we get some Limited Edition Trucks too?
* Scania Blue Stream
* Scania Black Amber
* Scania Red Passion (comes as last)
* Every Truck has all Tuning Parts like the Limited Edition in Real Life.

Changes v0.4:
* Cabparts paint 1-4 has no texture
* Doorhandles not correct mapped on Template
* Streamline Repaint doesn’t show up
* Red Custom Interior don’t work
* Full R Paint Intake does not work
* Intake_C doesn’t show up
* Old 5 Stock Bumper Plastic is V8 5 Series Bumper
* Ffender Looks don’t work
* Streamline Sunvisors don’t work
* Panel Looks don’t work
* Tonerud Headlights wrong mapped Textures
* Texture Errors on Stock Taillights

Authors: FreD

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