ETS2 – Scania Rjl Martin Snel Combo Skin Package (1.37.x)

Scania RJL Martin Snel Combo Skin Pack
– 8K skin textures for Scania RJL and Krone MegaLiner
– Skin for Lightbox by Powerkasi included
– Skin for Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas included

Required mods:
– Scania R & Streamline Modifications by RJL
– Krone MegaLiner by Sogard3 (Krone DLC Required)
– Scania RS Addons by Powerkasi
– Lightpack by Powerkasi
– Legendary 50k addons by 50keda
– Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas
– Wheels Pack by 50k

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.37.x)

Authors: KoviqkS

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