ETS2 – Schmitz S.ko Express V2 (1.33.x)

-Fully stand-alone
-Trailer ownership support
-(add-on) Freight market support – read below
-Dryvan & Reefer bodies
-SCS cargoes
-Advanced coupling
-Animated landing gear
-Liftable axle
-Realistic weight
-Schmitz wheels by abastreppass
-16 real company skins + 7 basic colour variants
-Enabled in traffic
-High quality AO for the box, rear bumper and wheels.
-Realistic reflectives
-Cable physics support
-(accessory) Aspock Unipoint 1 markers (amber/red/white)

I have decided to disable the freight market definition due to getting report of the mod crashing on game on removal. I found the culprit being the freight market it\’s the best way is to make it a simple def edit add-on moving forward.

-Reefer body with solid walls;
-Stock rear bumper with double rear lights;
-Empty rear bumper for advanced customization options;
-Aspock Unipoint 1 side markers;
-Side markers with accessory slots;
-Optional vents for the new body;
-Aspock Unipoint 1 stand-alone accessory (amber/red/white);
-Multiple tweaks and fixes in def files;
-Fixed issues with stock bumper model;
-Fixed issue with lift axle clipping through the fender;
-Disabled the trailer in freight market – Use the addon from the description to enable it);
-Updated templates

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: Rework author: obelihnio
Original authors: Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo
Wheel authors: abasstreppas (3d model), obelihnio (adaptation to trailer ownership)
Skins: obelihnio

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