ETS2 – Skin Pack Conroy Livestock V1.0 (1.30.x)

Conroy Livestock Skin Pack mod for ETS2 1.30.x

Skins were made on the basis of a real company “Conroy Livestock”.

The skin pack includes:
– Skin for the Scania 4 series from RJL (cabin Topline);
– Skin for Scania R & streamline from RJL (cabin top) (5 and 6 series);
– Skin for Scania with the next generation from SCS (high cabin );
– Leather for semi-trailer claw cool Max V2.0 from axelrol;
– Lightbox (requires mods to use: 50keda Addons and Scania accessories – Remoled B12.2.3).

List of mods used on the screen:
– Addon Scania 4 series from RJL;
– Scania R & streamline from RJL;
– Kohl cool Max P2.0 from axelrol;
– 50keda Addons from 50keda;
– Scania Accessories-Remoled B12.2.3 from Solutech.

Authors: SirBlackyAlot

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