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ETS2 – Special Transport In Traffic (1.35.x)

If possible, fixed for the latest version of the game.

Bugs fixed.
Compatible with Baltika DLC.

All ambulances and police will appear in their respective countries.
Italy emergency services, only in Italy and so on …
With sirens and flashing lights.

Ambulance, police and firefighters:

ITALY – Carabinieri, federal police, local police, ambulance, firefighters and fire truck.
CZECH REPUBLIC – fire truck.
HOLLAND – ambulance and police.
POLAND – police and ambulance
ENGLAND – firefighters.
DENMARK – Ambulance.
GERMANY – police, fire engines and fire engines.
FRANCE – police and fire truck.
AUSTRIA – Ambulance.
BELGIUM – police cars.
HUNGARY – police and ambulance.
LUXEMBOURG – Ambulance.
NORWAY – ambulance.
SWITZERLAND – ambulance.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: SCS, skleroza

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