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ETS2 – Ssl Trailer Pack V1.20 (1.35.x)

What is new in v1.20:
Adapted for ETS2 1.35.x
Minor fixes.

The largest collection of real trailers ETS2

Adds more than 700+ original Top Grossing European Logistics and Freight Company trailers to your traffic with almost no performance loss. You can also use a custom list of “always selectable” trailers of the companies you like, simply by selecting them.

Each trailer is carefully trimmed with original photos, official company colors that you see on real roads, recreating them in vector format, so that you get the best and official conclusion of what you really see on roads. This is not just a package of the same model, copied by simple programs, it is officially interlaced with each other, thus preserving your productivity.

Add-ons can be found in the aforementioned collection, including Schwarzmüller for DLC owners, an add-on to disable official SCS skins and use in WOTR contracts. Also now supported double trailers for selected companies in the Scandinavian countries.

To make your game as realistic as possible with real replicas of company trailers that are actively involved in traffic.

In the game, go to the freight market, click on the Cog icon and select the selected trailer. You can always use these trailers that you like.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: SCS, SSL

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