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ETS2 – Traffic Flow Tuning V2 (1.33.x)

In general, this Mod complicates the traffic.

Traffic_Flow_Tuning_by_iZ_HS.scs: Speed in different country change to data from
Traffic more live, dynamic. But road sign with limit not always true ๐Ÿ™‚ GPS give a real limit
Be awareness change line to left

Traffic_Flow_Tuning_by_iZ_Def.scs: no change speed limits from installed map.

Don\’t lose vigilance!

Changes in v.2.0
– (HS)increase speed of traffic | (Def) No change default speed limit from current map
– polished some variables for circle crossroads;
– change lane and maneuring tuning;
– clear warnings for log;
– tuned freq spawn traff.

Changes in v.1.5
– distance between cars on road;
– change some variables for faster driveways after accidents;
– smooth change (and frequency) the line;
– larger range for difference speed, acceleration and braking;
– smooth ai turn;
– larger range for lights On (which is allowed for ai, you will be fined for that);
– decrease quantity of traffic. for lowFPS-PC and for the possibility of overtaking on the one-lane road. Who wants more – read instruction below;
– very decrease tractors and other speedkillers.

On road You see:
– \”Approximation\” to a uniform distribution in the lines of one Dir.
It depends on your speed, lines, etc. and wind direction
Often there is no one in front of you, and behind you is a kilometer Tail.
– traffic is less at night and for lunch time;
– around 9:00 and around 21:00 more buses and trucks;
– a lot of privat cars in the period 17:00 – 20:00;
– harvester and tractor – sometimes here, sometimes elsewhere;
– at traffic lights to the stop-line don\’t reach. Easier maneuring for trucks+trailer and buses;
– in general at the crossroads polite, but you need to be careful;
– often maneuver;
– after maneuver, don\’t brakeOneTime;
– trucks tend to right lane. But not all ๐Ÿ˜‰
– sports cars occasionally demonstrate their abilities on very highSpeed;
– frequent stresses. \”When the bug becomes a Smile\”.
Unfortunately the game does not know, how to show, how a ton of iron breaks through the road fence at a speed of 300 km/h .
Imagine ๐Ÿ™‚ ;
– improvements rail drive train and speedlimits Thanks to Piva;
– escort speed up to 80km/h;
– actively signal not only to you. And to everyone around them;
– sometimes there are \”inadequate\” driver;
– sometimes someone feeling bad on the road and stopped car;
– yellow traffic light added some sec. But not to all.

I will be glad to read your impressions!

You may increase cars in traffic changing \”g_traffic \”1.0\”\” (1 – preset from author. Changes coef you increase x2, x3 spawned identical car).
Using AkelPad or Notepad++ to open files \”config.cfg\” in path \”c:\\Users\\YourProfileName\\Documents\\Euro Truck Simulator 2\\config.cfg\” / Change / Save.

For hardcore.
You may increase unstability of trailer changing \”g_trailer_stability \”0\”\” (work at diapason -0.5 – in road hard curv on 70km/h – accident. 0.5 – very stability trailer).
Using AkelPad or Notepad++ to open files \”config.cfg\” in path \”c:\\Users\\YourProfileName\\Documents\\Euro Truck Simulator 2\\profiles\\YourCODE\\config.cfg\” / Change / Save

thx for Collective Minds in threads on forums, mjack, Piva, Supric, ShineSlip, Cip, RudiRaser, Arayas and SCS
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: Illar Zuim

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