ETS2 – Trailer 5.5M Gear (1.34.x)

Mass: 37850kg (almost 38t).

Big gear
Diameter: 5.5m (radius 2.75m).
Mass: 25t.

Small gear
Diameter: 2.7m (radius 1.35m).
Mass: 12t.

Trailer CANT use the Ferry and some low roof gas stations!
The collision box is set to 5.5m height … for that reason drive with caution and keep under your eyes a lower objects

NOTE1: Maybe you need to rest several times
before you can see the \”5.5m Gear\” in jobs list.

NOTE2: You can find the trailer in game trailers reviews:
section: \”Semi Lowloader with Drop Deck\”
cargo: \”5.5m Gear\”

Trailer is standalone.
Normal cargo jobs.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

Authors: SASq

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