ETS2 – Vled Scania, Daf 180Km Full Hilalimsin Save 1.30

V LED SCANIA, DAF Low bumper VOLVO 180KM FULL Hilalimsin SAVE 1.30

ets 2 save zero Since the map is dlc you can login to the game with no trouble

Save contents for:
Low chasis bumper volvo
V led new scania
Supermen old scania
V led old new Daf
Dorce light
Pink panel light
Windscreen accessory
Volvo engine
man tgx 12 gear
money: 1.530.241.792 EUR
level: 93
[There is plenty of money in the store so you will get the garages …]
Your chances of eating a ban are too low because the modifications are not overdone

Required dlc’s

Special transport
daf tunning pack
Scania Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Halloween Paint Jobs Pack
Cabin Accessories
Christmas Paint Jobs Pack
Pirate Paint Jobs Pack
If the DLCs at the top are missing or missing, the modification in the save will not be complete

Authors: Hilalimsin , harun kaynar

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