ETS2 – Volvo D11, 13 & 16 Engine Package V1.0 (1.37.x)

Important – do not try to hot swap FMOD mods in and out by going to profile from a running game; to swap out FMOD mods you must restart the game and make changes at profile manager at start up.

NOTE: To find my D-11, 13 & 16 engines, they will all be around the $21,000 price range. The SCS D series engines will be priced at various amounts if you want to A/B compare them.

This mod was done by request and will allow the stock SCS Volvo trucks to use the new Volvo D Series engine sounds in the 1.37 Beta when using the engines below. Any other engines in those trucks will use the stock SCS sounds. This is not compatible with older game versions.

Just a note on compatibility and load order; with FMOD, you can run as many sound packs as you want. Load order for any of my FMOD engines should be below any mod trucks or they will default to the “missing engine” default SCS sounds if they included any of the same engine names/ratings. This may change once all the mod trucks supported get updated FMOD engines included.

This engine pack will only be edited in realistic D ratings

Volvo D-11
355 (1250 lb-ft)
365 (1350 lb-ft)
385 (1450 lb-ft)

Volvo D-13
405 (1450 lb-ft)
425 (1550 lb-ft)
435 (1650 lb-ft)
475 (1650 lb-ft)

Volvo D-16
500 (1850 lb-ft)
550 (1850 lb-ft)
600 (2050 lb-ft)
700 (2023 lb-ft)
750 (2618 lb-ft)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.37.x)

Authors: Robinicus

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