ETS2 – Volvo Fmx V1.3 (1.35.x)

Change log:
1.0: Original mod
1.1: Made sunshield removable
Fix for patch 1.35
Bug fix
1.2: Selling in mod truck dealer standalone from volvo
Added double clutch transmissions and badges
Pmg files fix
New rims from volvo
1.3: New cummıns performance series engines with sounds and curves(dont forget trying this :P)
Added interior modification parts

Dirt Deflectors by Eugene

Changed models to volvo_fmx
Changed def files to volvo.fmx
Added support for trailer cables
Added support for advanced coupling
Added correct engines and gearboxes
Added badges for each engine
Cleanup of model
Cleanup of textures
Separated spoiler from the cabin
Changed Interior to FH 2012
Added and corrected flares
Added Day cab
Added Interior for Day cab
Added Sleeper cab
Added Interior for Sleeper cab
Separated front fenders
Added painted fenders
Added icons for major parts

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: ruthless,eugene,galinim

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