Expanded Boundaries V0.1 ETS2 (1.49)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Expanded Boundaries V0.1 mod download.

Expanded Boundaries is a new map project by me, i hate that there is really only one “way” to drive whereever you go in ETS2, or maybe 1 junction where only half the junction you can actually go. I want to improve this so here we are,
i started with Erfurt but i probably can get 1 city done in 1-2 days. Firstly im doing Germany, then probably the Netherlands or Belgium. But this will take a long time.
When i have a few cities done i wil also make connections between cities and improve existing ones.
Also dont except Dev-quality from me, i’m just a beginner.
Don’t expect everything to be perfect and tidy, this is really just a small thing i do when i have free time currently.

Currently it needs these DLC:
Italia – Italy

Currently i have expanded the cities:

Changelog from 0.1:
– Erfurt:
– unblocked a few roads
– added detail to these roads
– changed 1 hidden road to a normal one (I’m still uncertain if i will make every hidden road unhidden or even make my own roads hidden, so please give Feedback)
– added ITTC
– made 2 prefabs drivable (not blocked)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.49

Authors: T0stbrot

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