Ice Road Trucker Map V1.48C ATS (1.48)

American Truck Simulator Ice Road Trucker Map v1.48c mod download.

K-DOG’s Ice Road Trucker Map v1.48c

Unzip the files in ‘K-DOG’s Ice Road’ to your mod folder. Thats it, you are installed.
If a folder named ‘K-DOG’s Ice Road Unzip-me’ shows up in your mod folder, you did it wrong.
What should be there if you did it right is a folder called, #1, ‘K-DOG’s Ice Road Trucker Map v1.48c’
{No picture will show for this mod when in the game, in the mod manager, because I found no need for it.} and, #2, ‘Alaska-North-to-the-future-1.48.scs’ mod.

These are both required and must be loaded in that order. Any other maps must be loaded below these, if they work at all.
I have not tried .

Sierra Nevada is now built-in. it’s a pet project of mine. I fixed up Fallon a bit, put a garage in, working on other towns.
I also put a garage in Louistown MT.
As for ice roads, I have now got most of Canada and Alaska converted to ice road.
Got started on Montana too.
Inter-sections are also coming soon.
The map has new ice roads, frozen ice lake crossings and mountain uphill grades so steep that spinouts can and do happen. All grades are drivable, you just have to know when and when NOT to shift gears.
That goes for up-shifting as well as down-shifting. Miss a gear and you will stall-out and or spin-out.
I recommend Practice with an empty trailer to get the hang of it.
The ice lake crossings have a danger to them as well. Stay between the delineators. The ice is strong there.
Go outside the delineators and the ice can get very thin and dangerous. You can fall through, but you don’t know where. The ice lake at Stewart Crossing is actually a whopping 14 ‘REAL, NOT SCALED’ miles across with blowing snow.
Hope it’s not snowing when you go across. White outs are possible in here too!
Icy Roads are slick. You can slide off the road if cornering to fast!
Snow replaces rain and when icy roads are wet, they are even more slippery!
I rebuilt all connections between Montana and Canada.
2 Diamond mines to pick-up and deliver to.
Be safe. Have Fun!
I plan to convert all of Alaska and Canada to winter icy roads. Then work south,
covering the mountain passes in Idaho, Montana and Washington.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.48

Authors: K-DOG

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