Jan Mayen With Compability Update ETS2 (1.44)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Jan Mayen with Compability Update mod download.

Welcome to Jan Mayen!

This is a Beta release of the Jan Mayen addon for ProMods.

I have been building this since early July and finally in a position to release an early version.

Jan Mayen is a Norwegian volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean. It has no permanent population with the average being 15 people at a time.
However this may double in summer to around 35.

Please do not expect perfection in this release, this is an early build.

You will need Promods in order for this to function. Place this file above Promods Def.

Jan Mayen 0.2.1b:
Post-1.41 Compability update

Jan Mayen 0.2.1:
Swapped Repair and Upgrade Garage for a prefab icon, you will now spawn parellel to the Garage outside.
This was altered due to trailers clipping when you recovered your vehicle via towing.

Jan Mayen 0.2:
Adjusted houses en route to Puppebu.
Closed several terrain gaps.
Adjusted ferry name to be capitalized.
Added lapping waves to a majority of the coastline.
Added a lot of movers.
Added a fuel tanker to refuel at Jan Mayen Station.
Added a repair & upgrade garage to Jan Mayen Station.
Added the Aurora Borealis effect around the map.
Rescaled several items to their proper size.
Added a lighthouse near the Garage.

2 Cities
1 Ferry to Torshavn
3 Companies
A lot of ice!

Thanks to the Promods Team for allowing the usage of assets.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.44

Authors: Digital X and MinecrafterDE15

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