Lowboy Trailers 1.50B ATS (1.50)

American Truck Simulator Lowboy Trailers 1.50b mod download.

Changes 1.50b
– Updated for 1.50
– Adapted to new compressed method (HashFS v2)

Ownable, Stand-alone Lowboy trailers: Singles, Doubles, & Triples [30-80T] Ownable, Stand-alone, Extendable Lowboy trailers: 0+3+0 and 0+3/3+0 [60T] (based loosely on Fontaine Magnitude 60HD-MX).

CARGO !! – this mod contains NO cargo; you must use with either CARGO Option #1 or #2 (or both).
CARGO Option #1: “More Cargo for Lowboy”

CARGO Option #2:
– “American Truck Simulator – Special Transport” DLC
– Source and Destination locations have not been vetted; some may be ‘difficult.’
– Cargo names that contain “[HT=##ft-##in]” may hit bridges – be careful.

– Purchase ONLY the normal trailer configuration marked “OWN” (“F7” configurations are included).
– Use “Adjust Trailer” (F7) to swap among configurations.
– (Tiny garages don’t play nicely with the Extendable Long and Oversize trailer configurations.)

– use/attach your trailer,
– select your cargo in the Cargo Market (Take Job), noting what trailer config you’ll need (normal, WIDE, LONG, OVERSIZE),
– drive to a safe location near the source company; before taking the job, Adjust Trailer (navigation route will disappear when F7, so remember what you’re doing); (you can F7 after you’ve triggered the cargo icon to view cargo, just don’t TakeJob if you want to F7.)
– Take Job !

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.50

Authors: Eddie Yantz

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