Maz-6422 (1981) + Maz Trailers 2023.08.29 ETS2 (1.48)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Maz-6422 (1981) + MAZ Trailers 2023.08.29 mod download.

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought from MAN and Dealers of MAZ Modifications.
Native salon.
Not a big tweak.
1 chassis and 1 cab.
Fuel tank with a volume of 950 liters.
There are accessories in the cockpit + toys from STEAM.
Your wheels.

Last change under 1.48:
Envelope of the entire 3D model and animation. (SCS Blender Tools).
Complete adaptation to the version. (FIX)
Searched for errors on all MAT files. (FIX)
Fixed lighting of all indicators on the dashboard.(FIX)
Aesthetically improved truck appearance and interior.(new)
Replaced front main headlights and their lighting.(FIX)
Updated all cab lighting and all front marker lights.(FIX)
Reworked truck physics for new version.(FIX)
Fixed the position of the front wheels. (FIX)
Added smoke to silencer.(Improvement)
Added new types of transmissions.(Improved)
Added new sound type for MAN engines.(Improved)
The cockpit logo now has painting support.(Improvement)
Added an upgrade to the mirrors – these are paint and chrome options. (Improvement)
Added the ability to install headlights on the bumper and cab. (Improved)
Added the ability to install beacons on the cockpit.(Improvement)
Updated the rule for placing inventory in the interior. (Improved)
Added a new and large GPS navigator to the interior. (Improved)
Added a pack of steering wheels with braids. (Improved)
Fixed the position of the front spoiler.(FIX)
SEPARATE: Added two trailers on MAZ-9758, new and old version.
Both trailers support multiplayer
Added multiplayer support for MAZ-6422 (Author: JAWA, Stas556)
The log in the game is 100% cleared (percent).
Test on ETS2 version:
Warning: Please do not confuse with the MAZ-6422M truck from the Authors of RTA_Mod !!!
All good mood and pleasant travel

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.48

Authors: Authors: JAWA, Stas556. Adaptation and improvements under 1.48: @MaxX_Agent@. Steering wheel and windows animation: AJIEHA. Model conversion: @MaxX_Agent@. Log improvements and fixes: @MaxX_Agent@.

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