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Mercedes-Benz Travego Special 15-Shd 2015 V1.0 ETS2 1.40

Original Engine Sound, 3 Retarder Sounds, Original Door Sound, Customizable Plate, Sliding Sign and Rear Mat Feature, Door and Window Animation, Special Personalized Slotting Options in the Vehicle, Approximately 90 Company Coatings

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: Proje Sahibi : OyuncuyusBisMods Model : Mahyar GH. Ek 3D Modeller : Fatih Ulusoy Relax Kaput Modeli : Yavuz Selim Mağdala Model Düzenleme / Oyuna Aktarma : Artin Kazanciyan Fmod Ses Motoru: Evr, FreeLance, Max2712 Firma Kaplamaları : BeyBedross, Burak Bıkmaz, Hasan Çekdar, Buğrahan HD, Abdullah Zengin

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