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Multiple Trailers In Traffic V9.1 ATS 1.41.x

Changelog v9.1
New version adds Turnpike doubles in Colorado, which I didn’t notice were a thing before, and does some tweaks and fixes to the cargo stuff.

Adds double / triple trailers to traffic.
Adds trailers and cargoes from the Heavy Cargo DLC to traffic.
Adds trailers and cargoes from the Forest Machinery DLC to traffic.
Adds: Mack Anthems.
Removes: Far too many stupid errors; no-longer-required cargo models “borrowed” from ETS2.
Changes: All truck models now in Heavy & Forestry Addons; further tweaks to spawn ratios/frequencies.
Resurrects: The Case 600 Quadtrac tractor in the Heavy Addon, which SCS had just hidden rather than removed altogether
Supported game versions: ATS – (1.41.x)

Authors: Mr Larrington

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